Congratulations to our Winners!

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6/19/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13566439

Denny K. from Seminole, FL


6/18/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13566342

lucky M. from Hampton, CT

"I can't believe I won. I didn't actually believe that anyone did. Thank you so much!"

6/16/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13566031

Anthony S. from Jasper, AL

"It's great to be a winner!"

6/15/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13565864

Robert W. from Westland, MI

"I feel Fantastically Surprised. Thanks D.R."

6/13/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13564816

Don H. from Greenville , SC

"My first win!!"

6/11/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13563562

Jan H. from Rosenberg , TX

"Woo hoo! I won! Thank you so much! "

6/10/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13562775

konny C. from North wilkesboro, NC


6/9/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13562079

Donna S. from Princess Anne, MD


6/7/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13560645

Lisa B. from Fairborn, OH

"This is so great to open your email and see you've won. Yeah!!"

6/6/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13560294

Bernadine D. from Salem, OR


6/5/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13559744

Kersti J. from Everett, WA


6/4/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13558976

Shauna K. from Santee, CA

"WOW, it feels great to actually win something! Thank you!"

6/3/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13558171

Beverly P. from Machesney Park, IL

"Oh wow how cool is this, I won. I opened page to check numbers and WINNERS page popped up. I am so excited, Thank you. Just keep playing, your day will come too."

6/2/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13557511

Lea C. from Newport News, VA

"i am so excited!"

6/1/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13557205

Denny K. from Seminole, FL

"Awesome!! Thank you!"

5/31/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13556476

Andrea B. from Van wert, OH


5/30/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13555528

Suzi c. from zephyrhills, FL

"Great such a surprise!!!!"

5/28/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13554090

Crystal H. from Rockville, MD

"I am very happy! Thank you!"

5/27/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13553284

robert h. from bristol, VA


5/26/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13552820

Tracy P. from Louisville, KY

"I feel great"

5/25/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13552338

Jo S. from Warner Robins, GA

"Didn't think I would ever win. Thanks"

5/24/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13551581

Kathy S. from Knoxville , TN


5/22/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13550325

Mark C. from Rushville, IN

"Thank you !!!"

5/21/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13549585



5/20/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13548398

Margaret S. from Kewadin, MI

"I was surprised, I've come so close so many times by just missing it by a couple of numbers. This was a nice surprised this morning, thanks."

5/19/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13547768

Darden E. from Summerfield , NC

"Thank you for the opportunity to participate & win"

5/18/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13547090

GREG D. from Monmouth Junction, NJ

"YAY I Won again !!!!!!"

5/17/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13546495

Jolene g. from Kennewick, WA


5/16/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13545457

Terry F. from Brentwood, NH


5/15/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13545192

Ken F. from Appalachia, VA

"thrilled and thankful!"

5/14/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13544359

lucky L. from Brooklyn, NY


5/13/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13543881

Rose Mary H. from Bakersfield , CA


5/11/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13541977

Jeff H. from Mesa, AZ

"Its good to win"

5/10/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13541646

Pat E. from McKee, KY


5/9/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13540608

Angelica H. from NEW ORLEANS, LA

"Thank you much! Just in time to purchase a special birthday gift for my granddaughter"

5/7/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13539870

Amanda R. from Blytheville, AR

"I am happy I won the daily raffle."

5/6/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13538797

robert h. from bristol, VA


5/5/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13537870

Scott S. from Huntsville, AL

"Awesome!! Thanks!!"

5/4/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13537578

lucky N. from Florence, AL


5/3/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13536478

Lisa B. from Fairborn, OH

"Holy cow!!! This is awesome"

5/2/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13536302

Michael L. from Benton, AR

"Awesome. I’ve been one short or one number over a few times. Also it was my birthday two days ago."

5/1/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13535665

Robyn H. from Chillicothe, MO

"Thank you"

4/29/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13533962

mellisa S. from Port Huron, MI

"I love to win no matter what the prize size is"

4/26/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13531804

Scott S. from Norwood, MO

"Wow, i did not expect to win. What a great start to a great day. Thank you"

4/25/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13531550

Lisa B. from Fairborn, OH

"Made my day!!! I shop at Amazon alot so I'll be getting something special"

4/23/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13530173

Renetta H. from Ramona, CA

"Entirely surprised and grateful. Thank you very much."

4/22/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13529058

Patrick C. from Swansea, IL


4/21/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13528118

Michael B. from NASHUA, NH


4/20/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13527953

David G. from Cincinnati, OH

"I've been close several times. Feels pretty awesome to actually win. Thank You"

4/18/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13526098

BARBARA K. from Spring Valley, NY

"Surprised, thrilled to win something - but offer alternate choiceYOUR CLAIM FORM IS NOTThrilled/shocked - recvd this: SUBMITTED! Error: Please make sure you complete all fields. All fields were not completed on your last submission."

4/17/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13525759

Eileen B. from Annandale, MN

"I was so happy to win!! Love the daily raffle!!"

4/16/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13525099

Dorsey P. from Pamplin, VA

"I feel great. Thanks"

4/15/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13524364

Robert T. from South Bend, IN

"Surprised I had been looking for my last win but never got it !"

4/14/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13523643

maria L. from Fouke, AR

"Surprised !! Can't believe I won !Thanks a lot !!!"

4/13/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13522856

Sharon G. from reedley, CA

"love daily raffle"

4/12/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13521841

Kim H. from Hanover Township, PA

"This is awesome! Thank you so much!"

4/11/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13521305

Rose G. from Orange City , IA

"Thank you"

4/10/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13520822

James A. from Bradenton, FL

"great thank you for asking"

4/9/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13519987

Kevin H. from Amherst, NY

"Fantastic. Thank you once again for this wonderful opportunity!"

4/8/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13518888

Timothy L. from Morral, OH

"I feel great! This is my second win! Thank you very much!"

4/7/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13518585

Janine B. from Lumberton, NC

"Thank you WOW I was just thinking I haven't WON anything for year's THANK you "

4/6/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13517548

Shirley J. from kansas city, MO


4/4/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13515912

Marcy m. from dacula, GA


4/1/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13513961

TRACY W. from Murfreesboro, AR

"It's exciting that I actually won today ! "

3/31/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13513555

linda W. from Rocky Hill, CT

"What a wonderful surprise!"

3/30/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13512651

Stephen P. from Silver Spring, MD

"Thank you very much. It's a great feeling knowing my persistence in entering each day resulted in a prize. Where is today's entry?"

3/29/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13511981

Robert T. from South Bend, IN

"Surprised !"

3/28/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13511005

Sharon C. from Emmett, ID

"What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!!"

3/27/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13510625

Michelle B. from Long Beach, CA

"amazing thanks for the gift"

3/26/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13509741

Iris M. from PEARL CITY, HI


3/25/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13508854

scotty h. from montpelier, VT

"I feel lucky"

3/23/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13507582

Pattie M. from New Providence, PA

"Very happy to be $10 richer !"

3/22/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13506072

David w. from rio rancho, NM

"Wow I won something Us old folks live for this"

3/21/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13505784

lucky M. from East Rutherford, NJ


3/20/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13504974

sharon W. from Necedah, WI

"Happy. Excited and thankful"

3/19/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13504336

KATHY E. from Las Vegas, NV


3/18/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13503368

rose P. from Essex, NJ

"Thrilled about this win. Have been entering for some time now. It is a nice surprise!"

3/17/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13502541

michael f. from newton centre, MA

"wow feels great to finally be a winner."

3/16/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13502023

Christa R. from Port St Lucie, FL

"Thanks; glad I won"

3/14/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13499915

Parkana s. from chengam, IN


3/13/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13499689

Mona W. from SAN ANTONIO, TX

"Wow! So cool, thank you!!"

3/12/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13498326

John M. from Denver, CO


3/11/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13497611

anthony H. from Savannah, GA

"Elated "

3/10/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13496733

Tim C. from Hamburg, AR

"Thanks for the win."

3/9/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13496166

Rose Mary H. from Bakersfield , CA

"Happy "

3/7/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13494237

Leslie L. from Ray Brook, NY

"Very Surprised And Happy!! Thank You!!"

3/6/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13493792

Joanna A. from Greenview, IL

"I'm so excited!! Thank you Daily Raffle!"

3/4/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13491949

Greg C. from Carl Junction, MO

"Been playing the Daily Raffle for a while. Great to win something!"

3/3/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13490962

Angela R R. from PALM SPRINGS, FL

"I am so happy that I won. I love play this everyday. Good luck to everyone.. Thank you.."

3/2/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13490391

Nancy B. from Punta Gorda, FL

"I feel GREAT!"

3/1/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13489614

barbara B. from lake elsinore, CA

"i feel blessed thanks "

2/28/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13488742

lucky S. from Hacienda Heights, CA

"Thank you so much! This made my day!!"

2/27/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13487918

Mark D. from Spring, TX

"So excited to win! What a neat thing! I’ve been playing for years! "

2/26/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13487007

james g. from lorena, TX


2/25/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13486043

anthony H. from Savannah, GA

"Happy Happy Joy Joy"

2/24/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13485813

sharon L. from Baton Rouge , LA

"I am shocked! I can't believe I won! Thank you!"

2/23/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13484811

Donna M. from Milbank, SD


2/22/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13483711

Chris B. from Holly, MI

"Can't believe it !!!"

2/20/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13482422

GREG D. from monmouth junction, NJ

"I did not think I ever win this . It is a total suprise !!! "

2/19/2021 - Raffle Ticket #13481014

Brenda W. from Albemarle, MS